North Park Mini Park Paver Program

Buy a Paver, Leave a Legacy.

  • Honor a loved one, highlight a local business or organization, and create a lasting memory with an engraved paver that will become a permanent part of North Park’s new Mini Park.
  • By purchasing a 4"x8'" or 8"x 8" paver you will be contributing to the funding of many improvements to the park including a movie screen, maintenance, music and other amenities such as tables, chairs, games and organized activities for all ages.
  • The purchase of your personalized paver is a tax deductible contribution with proceeds benefiting the North Park Business and Neighborhood Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which is managing the beautification, programming and maintenance of the North Park Mini Park.
  • Purchase a 4x8 for $125 or an 8x8 for $225. Add a logo to an 8x8 paver for $50.
  • You will be given the option to upload your own logo on the purchase page.
  • We have made a North Park sign logo available (pictured below) for purchase on the purchase page.
  • All paver inscriptions will be approved by the North Park Business and Neighborhood Foundation on behalf of the Mini Park. We reserve the right to reject profanity, intolerance and any other objectionable material and any such order will be rejected or returned for editing.

Construction has begun on our exciting project " The North Park Mini Park," located behind the Observatory Theatre and featuring community space to gather with family and friends and host an array of events from live music, movie nights, and the weekly Farmers' Market.

We want the community to have a part of the North Park Mini Park by creating a personalized plaza area that will be a part of this park forever and represent each and every one of you.

Personalized pavers for the plaza are available in two sizes:

4x8 Personalized Paver - $125, start your purchase now

8x8 Personalized Paver - $225, start your purchase now

8x8 Personalized Paver with logo - $275, start your purchase now

We thank you for your generous support of this program and hope that you enjoy your permanent piece of the North Park Mini Park.


Where will my paver go? In the new North Park Mini Park.

When is the deadline to order a paver? September 14th, 2020.

Can I buy more than one? Yes.

Is my paver tax deductible? Yes, your receipt at purchase should be provided to your accountant.

Can I select the exact spot for my paver? No, the contractor will place them randomly.

Can I place a logo on a 4x8 paver? No,logos will not fit on 4x8 pavers, only 8x8 pavers will accomodate logo engraving.